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Chain harrow questions and answers - with years of paddock equipment experience we have extensive chain harrow knowledge, please see our FAQS below or email us for more help and advice

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of popular frequently asked questions and our answers are shown below, if you have any further questions or would like some chain harrow advice please email or call us on 01458 850 084.


Q. How wide should my chain harrow be for my towing vehicle?
A. We always recommend that a harrow should be at least the width of your towing vehicle or wider. This enables the harrow to cover any tracks made by the towing vehicle.


Q. What size harrow should I use for my quad bike?
A. We usually suggest either the 4, 5 or 6ft width semi-professional versions. Depending on the engine capacity of your machine you could go for the professional harrow versions too.


Q. How much is a trailed harrow delivery to mainland UK?
A. Delivery to mainland UK for all trailed harrows costs £20.00 + VAT.


Q. How much is delivery to France for a trailed harrow?
A. Please email us with your requirements and full delivery address and we’ll obtain a quote for delivery for you.


Q. How much is delivery for a mounted chain harrow to Essex?
A. Delivery to mainland UK costs £60.00 + VAT on all of our mounted harrows.


Q. I have a ride on mower, what size harrow would I need?
A. A 4ft or 5ft semi-professional version be suitable for you.


Q. What width harrow should I purchase for my 4x4?
A. Minimum of 6ft semi-professional – 8ft professional. Tip... by going wider than your towing vehicle you are able to view the harrow in your side mirrors plus get closer to hedge rows without damaging/scratching your vehicle so much.


Remember the chain harrow tine weight, we use 13mm heavy duty times

Remember the Chain Harrow Tine Weight

Other suppliers can sell cheaper chain harrows but you will get thinner and/or less tines so you may want to check the weight before you make a decision. The weight of the chain harrow determines the performance, heavier tines will last longer.

All our chain harrows are manufactured in the UK and have 13mm heavy duty tines.

Chain harrows manufactured in the UK


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Which chain harrow is best for your fields and paddocks?

If you are not sure if you need a mounted chain harrow or a trailed harrow please call us on 01458 850 084, we will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.